Shomal university offers a relaxed and convenient stay for test takers, giving them the opportunity to reside in an on-campus, fully equipped and comfortable yet affordable guest house .

The guest house is situated for you to have a unique experience, should you wish to arrive in advance of the test, and definitely receive discounted rate.

To book your accommodation, Please call reservations on  
     Tel: +98 (11) 44203721-2              
     Fax: +98 (11) 44203721
    Mobile1 : 0911 352 8971
(Mr Nabizadeh)
    Mobile2 : 0911 125 4694
(Mr Abrizhan)

Booking note:

  • All bookings are subject to availability.

  • To receive discounted rates, please mention that you are there for taking TOEFL or GRE test.

Address: 5th km of Haraz Road, Amol, Mazandaran, Iran / Postal Code: 46161-84596